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the ruby-tailed wasp <em>Chrysis terminata</em>, Foulden Common (Norfolk, UK), 27th May 2023 the snakefly <em>Xanthostigma xanthostigma</em>, Wendling Beck Environment Project (Norfolk, UK), 26th May 2023

In this website I aspire to include a page for every wildlife species I encounter. These will contain photos and often comment about identification - particularly if it's something I've struggled with, or if I've learned something that I didn't think was clear from published literature. My aims are:

By including things in this website I am not claiming expertise. It's inevitable that some mistakes have crept in, particularly for taxa that I'm less familiar with. If you notice any errors or things that could be improved/clarified (or confirmed where I have expressed doubt), please get in touch with me.

Eventually I hope to use this website for other things too, like information about the wildlife in my local area (North Elmham in Norfolk, UK), but it will be a while before I progress that.

I'm building the site with a two-pronged approach:

Eventually, if I live long enough, I will cover all of the taxa I encounter systemmatically - but this will take years!

Birds (class Aves)

Egyptian Goose White-faced Whistling-Duck Red-breasted Goose Greenland White-fronted Goose

White-faced Whistling-Duck Red-breasted Goose

Mammals (class Mammalia)

Walrus Walrus Walrus Walrus

Walrus Walrus

Ray-finned fish (class Actinopterygii)

Long-spined Sea-scorpion Long-spined Sea-scorpion Long-spined Sea-scorpion

Long-spined Sea-scorpion Long-spined Sea-scorpion

Insects (class Insecta)

Amauromyza labiatarum Phyllotetra vittula Dewick's Plusia Wesmaelius nervosus

Phyllotetra vittula Dewick's Plusia

Popular short-cuts: Bugs | Beetles | Flies | Hymenoptera | Moths | Lacewings

Springtails (class Collembola)

Dicyrtomina saundersi Dicyrtomina saundersi Dicyrtomina saundersi Isotomurus maculatus

Dicyrtomina saundersi Isotomurus maculatus

Arachnids (class Arachnida)

Scytodes thoracica Opilio canestrinii Phyllocoptes eupadi Ixodes ricinus

Scytodes thoracica Ixodes ricinus

Myriapods (class Myriapoda)

Polydesmus coriaceus Proteroiulus fuscus Ophyiulus pilosus Brachyiulus pusillus

Polydesmus coriaceus Proteroiulus fuscus

Gastropods (class Gastropoda)

Cochlodina laminata Cochlodina laminata

Cochlodina laminata Cochlodina laminata

Like the Spectacled Weaver's nest below, this website is under construction - please bear with me as I slowly build up the content.

Spectacled Weaver building a nest on the Zomba Plateau (Malawi)
Spectacled Weaver, Zomba Plateau (Malawi), 27th September 2008