Lacewings (Neuroptera)

As Norfolk recorder for lacewings and allied insects, this group is of special interest to me. Most can be identified with a hand lens (with care!), although some may require a view of the tip of the abdomen from the side which can be tricky on live individuals. Very few (except the waxflies) require microscopic examination, and even those are relatively straightforward compared to, for example, many micro moths.

The essential reference for adult lacewings is the FSC Aidgap guide, "A key to the adults of British lacewings and their allies" by Colin W Plant (1997). This is excellent and enables the vast majority of adult lacewings to be identified with confidence. Any new species missing from this book, or changes to taxonomy, are detailed in the Neuro News newsletters all of which are available from the Lacewings and Allies Recording Scheme website.

The majority of Norfolk species are shown here. Over the next season or two I hope to take a few more close-up photos showing some of the pertinent details which you may not be able to see on the photos shown here initially.

Waxflies (family Coniopterygidae)

Coniopteryx tineiformis Coniopteryx esbenpeterseni Parasemidalis fuscipennis Conwentzia psociformis

Coniopteryx tineiformis Conwentzia psociformis

Green lacewings (family Chrysopidae)

Chrysopa perla Apertochrysa prasina Nothochrysa capitata Nothochrysa fulviceps

Nothochrysa capitata Apertochrysa prasina

Spongeflies (family Sisyridae)

Sisyra nigra Sisyra nigra Sisyra nigra Sisyra nigra

Sisyra nigra Sisyra nigra

Antlions (family Myrmeleontidae)

Euroleon nostras larva Euroleon nostras larva unidentified antlion unidentified antlion

Euroleon nostras larva unidentified antlion

Owlflies (family Ascalaphidae)

Libelloides coccajus Libelloides coccajus

Libelloides coccajus Libelloides coccajus

Brown lacewings (family Hemerobiidae)

Micromus variegatus Wesmaelius nervosus Sympherobius pygmaeus Hemerobius micans

Wesmaelius nervosus Hemerobius micans

Although not lacewings (and not in the order Neuroptera), snakeflies (order Raphidioptera), alderflies (order Megaloptera) and scorpionflies and snow flea (order Mecoptera) are often treated together with lacewings for recording purpose. Click on the links below to go to snakeflies, alderflies or scorpionflies.

Snakeflies (order Raphidioptera)

Xanthostigma xanthostigma

Xanthostigma xanthostigma

Alderflies (order Megaloptera)

Sialis lutaria

Sialis lutaria

Scorpionflies (order Mecoptera)

Panorpa germanica

Panorpa germanica