Bugs (Hemiptera)

To the layman a bug is merely any small insect or other invertebrate, but technically it really refers to a much narrower (though still very diverse) group of insects, the order Hemiptera. Included within this order are 'typical bugs' (e.g. shieldbugs), leafhoppers and their allies and a group that includes aphids, psyllids and whiteflies.

I have lots more material to be added to this section in due course, but for now just a small selection...

Heteroptera: typical bugs

Picromerus bidens Orius laevigatus Miris striatus Corixa panzeri

Picromerus bidens Miris striatus

Auchenorryncha: leafhoppers and allies

Issus coleoptratus Ditropis pteridis Tachycixius pilosus Ribautiana ulmi

Ditropis pteridis Ribautiana ulmi

Stenorryncha: aphids, sacle insects, whiteflies and jumping plant lice

Aphis jacobaeae Pterocomma salicis Coccus hesperidum Arytainilla spartiophila

Arytainilla spartiophila Pterocomma salicis