Insects (Insecta)

I'm just starting to pull these together - so far I've only been through the lacewings and their allies systematically (because I'm county recorder for these) and sawflies, jumping plant lice and some of the beetles (in order to catch up on some record submissions).

Other than that I'm just adding the odd page for other taxa as and when I come across something new or interesting. Much more material sitting on my hard drive ready to be added when I get a chance...

Mayflies (order Ephemeroptera)

Caenis robusta

Caenis robusta

Dragonflies (order Odonata)

Hairy Dragonfly Hairy Dragonfly

Hairy Dragonfly Hairy Dragonfly

Stoneflies (order Plecoptera)<

Nemoura dubitans Leuctra fusca Nemoura dubitans Nemoura cinerea

Nemoura dubitans Nemoura cinerea

Earwigs (order Dermaptera)

Forficula lesnei Forficula lesnei Labia minor Labia minor

Labia minor Forficula lesnei

Bugs (order Hemiptera)

Miris striatus Corixa panzeri Ribautiana ulmi Pterocomma salicis

Miris striatus Ribautiana ulmi

Psocids (order Psocoptera)

Valenzuela burmeisteri Ectopsocus petersi Peripsocus milleri Trichopsocus brincki

Ectopsocus petersi Peripsocus milleri

Beetles (order Coleoptora)

Oiceoptoma thoracicum Ceutorhynchus obstrictus Anthocomus fasciatus Malthinus seriepunctatus

Ceutorhynchus obstrictus Malthinus seriepunctatus

Flies (order Diptera)

Pericoma nubila Amauromyza labiatarum Drospophila suzukii Rhagoletis alternata

Amauromyza labiatarum Rhagoletis alternata

Sawflies, wasps, ants and bees (order Hymenoptera)

Chrysis terminata Ophion minutus Sphecodes ephippius Arge melanochra

Chrysis terminata Arge melanochra

Butterflies and moths (order Lepidoptera)

Cosmopterix pulchrimella Chrysoesthia sexguttella Dewick's Plusia Mountain Ringlet

Cosmopterix pulchrimella Mountain Ringlet

Lacewings (order Neuroptera)

Coniopteryx tineiformis Apertochrysa prasina Sisyra nigra Wesmaelius nervosus

Coniopteryx tineiformis Apertochrysa prasina

Snakeflies (order Raphidioptera)

Xanthostigma xanthostigma Xanthostigma xanthostigma Xanthostigma xanthostigma unidentified snakefly larva

Xanthostigma xanthostigma Xanthostigma xanthostigma

Alderflies (order Megaloptera)

Sialis lutaria Sialis lutaria Sialis lutaria Sialis lutaria

Sialis lutaria Sialis lutaria

Scorpionflies (order Mecoptera)

Panorpa communis Panorpa communis Panorpa germanica Panorpa germanica

Panorpa communis Panorpa germanica

Caddisflies (order Trichoptera)

Trichostegia minor Limnephilus politus Ceraclea nigronervosa Ceraclea nigronervosa

Trichostegia minor Limnephilus politus